The Way We Were

My main man, Bob Dylan, has written a lot of amazing things. But some of my all time favorite lyrics come from his song “Love Minus Zero/No Limit”, (please allow me to serenade you now):

My love she speaks like silence
Without ideals or violence
She doesn’t have to say she’s faithful
Yet she’s true, like ice, like fire
People carry roses
Make promises by the hours
My love she laughs like the flowers
Valentines can’t buy her

In the dime stores and bus stations
People talk of situations
Read books, repeat quotations
Draw conclusions on the wall
Some speak of the future
My love she speaks softly
She knows there’s no success like failure
And that failure’s no success at all

The cloak and dagger dangles
Madams light the candles
In ceremonies of the horsemen
Even the pawn must hold a grudge
Statues made of matchsticks
Crumble into one another
My love winks, she does not bother
She knows too much to argue or to judge

I especially love the last line. I have always thought that being someone who knows too much to argue or to judge must be pretty amazing. So, I keep it in the back of my mind and take tiny steps toward it.

What does any of this have to do with Thailand? I think Matt would agree that we’ve both, possibly unintentionally, made huge steps toward a more adult, more whole version of ourselves. We’ve experienced some of the absolute high points of our lives here, and some of the all time low points. The important thing to me, is that we’ve done it together and helped each other all along the way.

That’s the thing about travel. Every single time, I come back a little different from the way I was. But this time, I think Matt and I both are coming back with an appreciation for the way we were.

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2 Responses to The Way We Were

  1. Cam says:

    I really love this post. And as I sit here, with a huge smile on my face, utterly exhausted by the past few days of traveling, I realize the truth of your words. Noticing a difference in the way that we were. Maintaining an appreciation for the way we were. I’ll look forward to sitting across from you and talking more about this soon!

  2. Libby Cunningham says:

    This is my favorite.

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